According to Walk Free there are 35,8 million slaves today in the world! Human trafficking is an important issue in Romania!

Romania is a source, transit, and destination for men, women, and children subject to trafficking. It is one of the number one origin country for slaves exploited in western Europe.

Women and children from Romania are victims of forced prostitution in Italy, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Greece, Germany, Cyprus, Austria, France, but also in Romania itself!

According to ANITP (National Agency Against Human Trafficking in Romania) in 2014, there were 757 identified victims:

  • Were women 61% 61%
  • Were recruited with false job offers 44% 44%
  • Directly by the trafficker. Half of them were recruited by someone they knew. 89% 89%
  • Were sexually exploited. 66% 66%


(PDF in English and Romanian language)