« Nobody ever made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do little »

– Edmund Burke

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Need for 2023
Weekly food baskets for a month for one family
30 €
Every week we receive approximately 30 families in the Martisor drop-in center for activities and for distribution of food baskets. With the pandemic and the inflation, our beneficiaries presented an increased economical vulnerability and their basic needs like food must been covered. Through food baskets we connect with them, we invest in their lives offering counselling and courses. It’s our most impactful program.
300 testimony booklets
150 €
Every year, we publish a booklet with testimonies of girls who have overcome prostitution, pornography and sex trafficking. They are real stories of hope. We give around 300 books each year in different cities. We have received each time a great feedback from the girls who read them.
200 small gifts for outreach in 5 cities
600 €
Each special holiday is an opportunity to share love and joy with girls in the sex industry. In every city we go, we distribute small gifts, testimony booklets and invitations to a party. We reach out to girls in prostitution outdoors, indoors and online. This year, we need 200 gifts.
Food baskets for 15 families in Calarasi
450 €
Beneficiaries we meet in Calarasi are usually very needy. Helping with food is a great way to show we care.
Monthly utilities in House of the Rock
500 €
House on the Rock is a shelter that will receive six families: mothers and children victims of sex trafficking from next spring. Because the house is big and taking into account the energy crisis, we will need support to cover home utilities.
Lawyer expenses for 1 girl
1.000 €
The women victims of trafficking need legal representation in court. This fact assures them that they are safe and they might receive some financial compensations. The legal representation is also demanded in order to hinder the spread of trafficking and to often participate into prosecutions of pimps and traffickers. Each case costs 1,000 euros. Therefore, support is greatly required.
Renovation expenses for House on the Rock
50 €
We estimate that we will need a total of 10,000 euros to renovate House on the Rock: painting, decorating, reparations inside/outside.
A psychiatrics control
30 €
The change starts with finding emotional balance. Many of our beneficiaries need psychiatric support and treatment and they don’t have medical insurance.
Van for House on the Rock
10.000 €
In 2023, we will open in Brasov area a new shelter having the capacity of receiving six families. A van will be needed to transport beneficiaries to school, shopping, doctors, church…
Kindergarten expenses for one child one month
100 €
At the moment, we have two young boys in Casa Talita program. In order to ensure the meal at their kindergarten, we have to pay approximately 5 euros a day per child.
Furniture in House on the Rock (participation)
50 €
To make “House on the Rock” a ‘home’ we will need different pieces of furniture. Participate for one or more.
Handmade material for artistic activities in House on the Rock or Martisor
30 €
Handmade activities help children and women to heal from trauma. In Martisor as well as in House on the Rock, different materials are required.
1 month gas for outreaches in Bucharest
200 €
We have 2 or 3 street outreaches a week in Bucharest area. We also have a monthly stripclub outreach. Outreach activities depend on gasoline and it is well known that the price of the gasoline has increased.
A gynecological check
40 €
Most of our beneficiaries do not have health insurance. We often receive requests for gynecological examinations but we don’t have always a budget for it. Support one medical consultation.
Coffee and snack for a week in Martisor
30 €
We love to make Martisor day center a cozy and welcoming space. We like to say we serve the best coffee in town. Help us buy coffee and snacks for a week!
Counselling session
25 €
Because of the trauma our beneficiaries go through, counselling is very important. Help a women to get one session with a professional therapist.
Monthly food for one family in House on the Rock
200 €
House on the Rock is a shelter that will receive six families: mothers and children victims of sex trafficking from next spring. The budget to cover the food for a family in House on the Rock is 200 euros a month. You can support a family for one month.
Gate and fence for House on the Rock
8.000 €
House on the Rock is a shelter that will receive six families: mothers and children victims of sex trafficking from next spring. We have to build a fence and a gate around the property to ensure safety.
One month rent in the day center
1.000 €
Martisor center is a place of peace and security for approximately 30 families (mothers and children) who visit us weekly. We host activities as counselling, support group, courses, as well as distribute clothes and food donation. We also organize programs for children.
A new heating system for House on the Rock
10.000 €
House on the Rock is a shelter that will receive six families: mothers and children victims of sex trafficking from next spring. It is necessary to update the heating system (based on woodfire at the moment) which is a bit old and unpractical and we will search for a system which is easier to use in a house full of women and children.
Weekly food baskets for a family one year long
360 €
This is the cost to cover a family basic needs one year long! As mentioned, we receive 30 families weekly in Martisor center for activities and food donation. It is one of the most efficient program we have and you can help!
One qualification course for 1 girl
250 €
Changing someone’s life often requires support to access education and vocational training. You can help one woman make a professional qualification training offering her new opportunities.
One driving license for a survivor or at risk youth
450 €
In the past years, we received a few financial requests for driving licence. In the past two years, we have supported three young people to obtain their driving licence. This helps them have more decent work options and therefore, be less vulnerable. You can support a young person to make a change!